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The X-Back model Ideal for Kids with Full Bigger upper backs

Posture corrector can be beneficial for young, growing children, especially if they are between 20-40 kilograms in weight.

Posture Trainer can be worn discreetly under your clothing—it’s virtually invisible, ensuring one can tell you’re using it


Wearing the Posture Trainer All day long is not advised. Prolonged and constant use may weaken muscles and dependency on the product. Use it to strengthen your muscles naturally and as a reminder to train your body on what good posture is like again.

You’ll notice immediate improvement when you put on the Posture Trainer. Yet, give it 10-14 days to fully grasp the benefits as your physique transforms to a superior alignment, ushering in a new version of yourself.

If you experience discomfort while wearing our posture corrector, it’s just your body’s transition toward back-to-body natural alignment. As your muscles and posture gradually adjust to the corrective position, this temporary discomfort disappears as you improve posture habits and overall bodily alignment.

HOW TO WEAR The Posture Trainer is like your own personal posture coach. Spend around 2 hours through the day, and it will strengthen effortlessly and help train your muscle memory, gently nudging you back into that muscular, upright posture you’ve been aiming for.


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